If you have lost touch with former classmates and would like to reconnect, our alumni directory is a perfect place to start! We have data on a large number of alumni, and it is our goal to foster the most cohesive network of alumni possible. Our directory is a way to help classmates get back in touch for reunions, or just contact old friends they may not have spoken with in some time. Using the directory is a simple way to reach out and find fellow Saints, Crusaders, Royals, St. Paul’s and St. Patrick’s. Use the search field to find a classmate!

This information will only be used for alumni purposes. Only those registered as alumni will be able to access information, not the general public. If you choose to make this private by clicking on the “Hide from Public” box below each entry, only the Alumni Office will have access to the information. Start by updating your information! Please share your USPS and e-mail addresses and telephone numbers with your Alumni office. You can designate any information as confidential or public, and you have our assurance that we will treat it that way. By sharing it with Catholic Schools Alumni Relations, you can be assured of receiving communications about our schools and your classmates. Click here to get started!




When you register for the Catholic Schools Alumni Directory, you can choose how much information you wish to make “Public” (but only to other Catholic Schools Alums). If you do not see additional contact information for your classmates, they may not have not yet registered. Please contact the Development Office at 607-348-0337, or email and we will work to facilitate a confidential connection for you. We are here to help. Please know that your privacy is our most important objective!

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