Seton High School Endicott


Seton Catholic High School (SCHS) opened in 1956 on 112 Broad Street, Endicott, NY. Classes were originally held in the Carriage House, located in the back of the former high school, currently known as All Saints School. The first staff of SCHS included the Sisters of Charity and two Franciscan priests, the latter of which taught the first year only. In 1957, construction was completed and classes moved to the new building. In addition to the 22 classrooms, a main office, library, science lab, gymnasium, cafeteria and chapel were included. The school has two floors plus a basement level where two classrooms and the cafeteria exist. The gymnasium has been used for sporting events as well as assemblies, and holds a stage which allows musicals and concerts.

The first graduating class had 25 students and the annual tuition was $25. The Administrative Principal was Msgr. John M. Zeder, and Sr. Monica, DC served as Assistant Principal. Staff included the Daughters of Charity, Diocesan priests, and lay faculty. Popular clubs included Glee Club, Journalism, Debate Club, Drama Club, Leaders Club, and the Children of Mary. Cheerleading and basketball were popular activities for the “Royals”, as they were named.

In 1976, Seton Catholic High School, Endicott merged with Catholic Central High School, Binghamton to form Seton Catholic Central High School in Binghamton, NY. After the merge, the building that housed the former SCHS became home for Seton Middle School. In 1999, Seton Middle School and Our Lady of Sorrows Elementary School joined together at the former Seton Middle School to become Our Lady of Sorrows-Seton Campus.

In 2010, St. Joseph’s School, Endicott closed and joined with Our Lady of Sorrows-Seton Campus to become Seton Catholic at All Saints School. Today, All Saints, as it was renamed is thriving, with 160 elementary students and 98 Pre-School students, serving Pre-School through 6th Grades, with Ms. Angela Tierno as Principal.

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