Catholic Central High School

Construction on Catholic Central High School (CCHS) began in 1962. The building started off with a ground breaking ceremony by the Reverend Walter A. Foery, Bishop of Syracuse. The school was built in the original location of St. Mary’s Orphanage, which was demolished in 1961. The school was opened in 1963 with first graduating class being 1964. Many of the students attending Catholic Central were from the former St. Paul’s High School and St. Patrick’s Academy, who had merged together to form this new high school. St. Patrick’s had closed down for high maintenance costs and St. Paul’s faculty desired to broaden the options of classes and activities for students so the two schools combined. Other students came from schools such as Blessed Sacrament. The faculty was mainly made up of clergy…sisters and priests alike.

The first graduating class of CCHS Crusaders in 1964 had 94 students. The school offered about 11 courses including Business, Latin, and Physical Education, among several others. Popular activities at the time included student council, basketball, football, wrestling and glee club.

The building had two floors plus a basement floor with weight room. There were 39 class rooms, a chapel, library, main office, and gymnasium/auditorium. Daily Mass was held in the chapel and school wide Masses and assemblies were held in the gymnasium.
In 1976 Catholic Central High School and Seton Catholic High School consolidated to become Seton Catholic Central High School, and used Catholic Central’s building for the school. The school is still open today and is called Seton Catholic Central.

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