Order Catholic Schools Spiritwear from Land’s End!

We are pleased to offer Broome Catholic Schools apparel for our alumni! Our alumni logoed clothing can now be found in the Land’s End school uniform system. All logos are consolidated into one master account called “Catholic Schools of Broome County”.

Cost is cost of garment plus $5.50 to add the logo (except Seton Endicott $8.10).

We are currently offering the following logos:

Seton Catholic Central


Catholic Central High School

Seton CHS Endicott

To order, simply go to www.LandsEnd.com and log in (set up an account if you do not have one).

  • Once you are logged in, in the left hand column titled My Account, click on School Uniforms
  • Enter Alumni of Catholic Schools of Broome County NY in the School Name block
  • You will see a list of Catholic Schools logos. Scroll down to see recommended garments/colors/logos for your school
  • Select the preferred garment or any garment from the Land’s End catalog
  • Click on Logo Preference dropdown to specify appropriate logo for your school
  • Proceed with purchase


Need Help Ordering?

View our How to Guide or contact Lands End at 800.469.2222 with any questions or problems.

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