Alumni Captains

alumni-pic1We are in need of a few members of each class to become part of an alumni captain group, who would build a strong network to help organize events with their former classmates ranging from reunions to more frequent occasions, such as attending a school game or a fundraising dinner. Alumni Captains would help us to create a higher frequency of alumni events, and strengthen the bonds between classmates. These captains would also be able to keep in touch with those in their class, and find those who have lost touch with their alma mater and fellow alumni. Enthusiastic alumni can have a major impact at Catholic Schools of Broome County, and can help the community remain vibrant.

If you are residing in the greater Binghamton area, we would love to see you participate in our alumni association. This is a group of alumni from across the different schools that can help to provide ideas and aid the Alumni Office with anything they would be willing to. The association would need a president and full list of officers, and any alumni who would be interested in contributing to their alma mater in any capacity, big or small. If you live outside the Binghamton area and still would like to help, there are numerous opportunities to pitch in that do not require you to live in the area.

Interested? Please contact Camille Muscatello at 607.348.0337 or

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